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You say that I'm a dreamer

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15th December 2004

watchmytrzbleed6:49am: hey im new here.. i love paul

on sunday i went to kroq's almost acoustic christmas and i met him.. he is extremely sexy in person..

i might be able to put a pic here later but im not sure if i can or not so i'll try

i also met billy but he wasnt very nice to me

and i saw chris but i had to wait for my dad X( so i couldnt go meet him!!

ah well that was the best night of my life!!



18th September 2004

xxsamichladyxx6:00pm: {GC stuff I'm Selling}Collapse )

31st July 2004

therebel00211:57pm: hmmmmm i dont know i just dont know i have feeling 4 both benji and paul...but i knwo i can never have them sine there celeb's and will never get to see them ever again live here on the east coast...l8r

Current Mood: blah

24th July 2004

shock9310:38am: Hiya!
Hi everybody, well I stumbled across this community lookin' for people who have some of the same interests as me, and I love Paul, I think he absolutely fuckin rocks! So, um...yea. Lookin for some people to talk to, so feel free to add me to your friends list (if you want) and I'll be sure to add you back.
Current Mood: ditzy

13th June 2004

paulsgcriotgirl6:07pm: layouts
does anyon need a new layout? im bored and im willing to help. if ur interested, please comment in my journal.


add me & il add u
Current Mood: helpful

3rd April 2004


Anyone out there have any good Paul pics? What about some info I don't know? Share! Thanks in advance :)


Current Mood: curious

10th March 2004

the_storyso_far3:52am: i hate fake journals..i hate the people that MAKE fake journals..what fun is there in getting a rise out of people by being a phony? *head desk*

right now i'd just love to go through here and look at everyones journal and remove all the ones i deem to be made for and by fake morons..*grumble* i know one in particular im going to get rid of shortly..

anyway, anyone have any gripes or anything about anything in any of the(billy,benji,joel,paul,chris) _fans communities? heres your chance, gripe away and i'll see what i can do..
i'll be cross posting this to all of the above listed communities, so if you see this more than once (then you joined more than one, yay!) sorry..
it also seems like alot of people who were once interested in gc have lost interest, anyone else think so? in a way i'm kind of glad all the crap has died down (surely to be ressurrected next tour)
what do you guys think?
also, anyone who would like to add my journal to their friends list, feel free, and i'll add you back :D
your absentee mod nikki <3

5th December 2003

joelsxleftxhand8:53pm: Yes Yes Paul Rocks.
Paul Fans. Add Me now, like whoa!
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5th October 2003

pokeswithspoons3:09pm: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!!!<333

7th September 2003

the_storyso_far1:36am: out of sheer boredom and to get to know some of you better, i made a poll..its short and lame, but take it anyway :D<3

Have you ever seen Good Charlotte Live?


What's your favorite GC song and why?

Who is your favorite GC Boy?

I love them all the same

How did you find this community?

xposted in all gc_fans comm...sorry if you see this repeatedly..feel free to take it as much as you want

27th August 2003

rawknrollgirl12:19pm: cuz this place needs more updates
Did anyone see the VMA superstar diary thing? It's with Good Charlotte and not the twins.
Paul has brown hair now, and is lookin so cute, so i thought i'd share that in someplace. Because all my mom said was "awww he doesn't look like Cruela DeVille anymore" she was saddened.
They're gonna have GC toys...wow, what has the world come to? At least Paul was excited about it
Current Mood: okay
the_storyso_far1:41am: i'd like to do something fun with these communities...but i dont know what..anyone have any ideas?? i seriously hate to just let these just sit here..:(

(sorry if u see this as a crosspost..im posting this in all of my gc comm)

25th August 2003

182riot4111:52pm: new
hey mah name iz kelsey. i luv paul. hes so hot. \M/
Current Mood: awake

19th August 2003

the_storyso_far12:03am: mests 'new' video "Jaded" (feat Benji) is awesome..check it out!!!!
*edit* eff that last link i had up...this is where u wanna go to see the vid..
and then go here http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/vote/?pollstat=i
to vote for mest on trl...

***sorry to anyone who sees this as a crosspost, im posting this a few different places***

11th August 2003

londe_greenleaf11:41pm: hi new here! every-1 go vote for good charlotte!


15th July 2003

bubblegumkid6:30am: It's so hot >/

But, here's a cute picture.

Pauly o_O

I joined a while ago, but noticed that no one posts much o-O

This makes me very sad 8(

Anyway, hi all, my name's Cathy, I'm 15 and if I'd of been allowed to go and see GC at the Astoria, I would of gone, darnit >| I wanted a hug >/
Current Mood: bouncy

28th June 2003

fuck_reality10:08pm: Pictures
This community is low on posting and I'm on a picture rampage! So, this is where is comes to....

Paul-erific!Collapse )

24th June 2003

fuck_reality6:23pm: Paul is fun. I liked his little Chris impression on Tastemaker. It was great. Ok, I'll shut up now.
Current Mood: amused

19th June 2003

pokeswithspoons2:19am: hey hey u guys paul is sweet and he's a great bass player!!!!

13th June 2003

cheese_is_good2:21am: Just Joined. Joined the others too. Im dana.

Current Mood: awake

8th June 2003

gcsfavevilqueen4:55pm: paul smokes:(...i saw him at the show on friday and he was smoking...so sad...i told him to stop cuz not only is he killing himself, he's killing the rest of the boys cuz second hand smoke kills too...lol...it was funny, though...but yea, he turned around and said hi for me...check my journal for the details...

***kimmie jo******<3GC<3***

4th June 2003

blink182gcgirly8:11pm: Paul is so awesome, I love him so much. I love his hugs, and I love him as a person. He's so sweet, and funny, and just so great. I cant say enough about how fantastic all the gc guys are. I love them all so much for different reasons they are super sweet and just..wow. Ive seen gc 21 times, and Paul really appreciated that last time i talked to him he was so excited. Paul is super sweet. Here i go again with pictures. me and pauly.

title or description

me and PaulCollapse )
Current Mood: happy
level27gc_fan6:55pm: ::waves to Meli::

Hi, I'm Kat and I think Paul is awesome. My icon pretty much says it all. I got his autograph in 2001, and I still have it. He also has the best voice, he *NEEDS* to speek more.

That's all. Paul fans are the best. :-)

"Everybody hates Creed, yet they’re one of the biggest bands in the world-it makes no sense!" -Paul Thomas
Current Mood: pleased
visulizecuccion7:04pm: Hey its me again! I just love posting on communitys so don't think i'm crazy or something going on to each community saying hey i just joined! lol
Current Mood: happy
xoriginal_sinx5:40pm: Hey! Welcome to the fans of Paul Thomas community!
Feel free to post stories, thoughts, whatever on Paul or GC.
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